The 50 best Nintendo Switch games right now

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splatoon 2
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #3 – Splatoon 2

Developer: Nintendo

Synopsis: Splatoon 2 takes all the best elements from the first game and brings them to a new platform with new game modes, new weapons, a brand new campaign and story, and plenty of tweaks and polishes. Now, your squid-kid is more customizable than ever both in terms of fashion choices and in the array of weapons you can send it into Turf War, Ranked, League, or Salmon Run with. Brand new maps help make the experience totally fresh, and we’ll see loads of new content rolling out over the next two years to keep it that way.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: We didn’t make any secret about loving the first Splatoon, and we won’t hide it here, either: Splatoon 2 remains Nintendo’s best new IP in years, bringing a newer, fresher take on the shooter genre that you won’t feel bad about letting your kids play alongside you. The colorful cast of Inkopolis leads the way into a largely-unchanged battle style that nonetheless sports plenty of tweaks and updates to ensure every battle is a new experience. It’s easy to get caught up playing for hours on end as the maps change around. Splatoon 2 promises to be an even better experience with Nintendo’s voice chat debuting alongside its launch, and with two years worth of updates on the way, we’re sure to keep splatting for a long time yet.