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Best Nintendo Switch Games #5 – Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Developer: Yacht Club Games

Synopsis: In a magical land filled with intrepid adventurers, the Order of No Quarter has taken up residence to terrorize the kingdom, led by The Enchantress herself. Shovel Knight, armed with only his titular garden tool, must dispatch each of the Order’s members in their respective dungeons and bring peace to the land again. Shovel Knight will need to defeat enemies and survive dangerous platforming challenges to make it to the end, and once you’re done, there are further adventures starring two of the Order’s members: Plague Knight and Specter Knight.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: From its initial release, Shovel Knight has proved a perfect example of Kickstarter done right. Yacht Club Games has gone above and beyond to meet their campaign incentives with hours of excellent story content on top of an already-enjoyable platformer. By allowing their game to be a gentle throwback to a classic style while still telling their own story, Shovel Knight managed to avoid many of the traps that other nostalgia-based Kickstarters have abused to their detriment. I could go on all day: beautiful pixel art, a catchy, coverable soundtrack, challenging yet enjoyable platforming, characters stuffed with personality and witty writing make Shovel Knight consistently one of the best entries on any platform it visits. Treasure Trove, as the definitive version, stands as the best of the best.