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steamworld dig 2
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #6 – Steamworld Dig 2

Developer: Image & Form

Synopsis: Get mining. Dorothy from the first Steamworld Dig game is your new protagonist as you navigate the underground, mining your way ever deeper for resources in a Metroidvania-style adventure. Uncover the mystery behind the strange earthquakes and the disappearance of your familiar friend Rusty by fighting the enemies underground and exploring the remains of an ancient evil.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Steamworld Dig 2 settles comfortably in the shining hall of fame reserved for sequels that improved on their already-excellent predecessors. If you loved the satisfying digging and steampunk fun of Steamworld Dig, Steamworld Dig 2 will quickly captivate you with its intelligent environmental puzzles, expanded explorable world, and its fantastic forward momentum. Plus, it can be played easily in short bursts and looks great on the go, making it a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch.