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golf story
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #10 – Golf Story

Developer: Sidebar Games

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, your father instilled in you a love of the game of golf. Now, as an adult, you’re trying to reclaim it despite having a terrible swing. Eight unique courses await you as you try to hone your skills, earn money, complete quests, and gain fame as a golfer in this RPG/golf game mash-up. You can also dabble in disc golf, mini-golf, or lawn bowling, if you feel so inclined, but the game of golf and Golf Story’s various nine-hole courses will reign supreme.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: The popularity of golf video games may surprise people who haven’t picked up a Mario Golf or Everybody’s Golf title before, and somehow the combination of golf and RPGs hit a hole in one with a lot of Nintendo Switch gamers. Golf Story has a solid golf game at the heart of it, but that game is buoyed by the title’s quirky humor, fun and unique course mechanics, and heartfelt story of family and legacy. Now, if only we could all figure out how to play disc golf properly…