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Disgaea 5 Complete screenshot
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #11 – Disgaea 5 Complete

Developer: NIS America

Synopsis: The world of Disgaea is actually a conglomeration of Netherworlds, each with its own ruling Overlord. An evil demon lord, Void Dark, rises up and begins to destroy Netherworld after Netherworld, at the helm of his army of The Lost. As a young demon with a long history of pain caused by Void Dark and a penchant for revenge, Killia must unite the various Overlords against Void Dark and stop his reign of terror for good.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Some might scoff at the fact that the Nintendo Switch’s library is mostly comprised of games that were already out elsewhere, but Nintendo has done their best to ensure that what you’re getting on the Switch is a definitive edition of an already-amazing title. As such, the Switch is the best way to play great games like Disgaea 5 that you may have missed on their initial launch due to not owning a PS4 or something.

Disgaea 5 isn’t an RPG you want to miss, and partners nicely with I Am Setsuna in setting the console up for RPG success. Already an engaging game with over 40 hours worth of content and a cast you’ll love spending time with, Complete includes all the DLC that released for PS4, as well. And don’t be afraid of the number “5” in the title. Disgaea 5, as with all other games in the series, is a standalone story that explains its strategic RPG battle mechanics very, very well. It’s easy to jump in, but very, very hard to put down.