The 50 best Nintendo Switch games right now

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Credits: Coatsink Studio
Credits: Coatsink Studio /

Best Nintendo Switch Games #16 – Shu

Developer: Coatsink, Secret Lunch

Synopsis: Shu’s village is destroyed by a Storm, and survival is of the utmost importance. In a 2.5D platforming adventure, Shu travels to find a way to stop the Storm from encroaching further. Along the way, he encounters fellow villagers stranded by the trouble who lend Shu their special abilities to help him journey further. A total of 21 levels and 10 friends lie in wait for Shu as he tries to stop the end of the world.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: The Nintendo Switch is hardly starved for platformers, so when a title jumps out at us the way Shu does, you know it’s something special. It’s not just the gorgeous artwork and music, though those are certainly stand-out factors. Shu combines gentle, combat-free platforming with a different style of foe to test your mettle, opening its beauty to a wider range of players than many other games of its type. The ability to better your time in each level and explore different options with different characters doesn’t hurt, either.