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thimbleweed park
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #20 – Thimbleweed Park

Developer: Terrible Toybox

Synopsis: Remember point and click adventures? Get ready for one hell of a blast from the past with Thimbleweed Park. The game opens with Ray and Reyes, two FBI agents investigating a murder in the titular location and interrogating various suspects, but each character has their own agenda that may interfere with the ongoing investigation. Things quickly get out of hand as the characters discover that their lives and experiences may not be what they think they are, and a drastic decision must be made to ensure the freedom of everyone involved.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Good point and click adventures are hard to come by these days, as we’ve mostly moved on. But Thimbleweed Park manages to pull a truly inventive story off in the medium while keeping creative exploration at the heart of things. The kicker that makes Thimbleweed Park truly memorable is is twisted ending and meta commentary on the nature of playing games, but I won’t spoil it here. Bust out your FBI badge and use the balloon animal with the corpse, already!