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axiom verge
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #21 – Axiom Verge

Developer: Thomas Happ Games

Synopsis: While many games use the Metroidvania style without borrowing the aesthetic, Axiom Verge does both while telling a completely different type of story. As Trace, you must explore the strange, alien world of Sudra in an attempt to stop a mad scientist, Athetos, who has already destroyed much of the Sudran civilization. As you dive into the depths of Sudra, you’ll uncover new weapon upgrades and gadgets to help you progress while you fight the bizarre monsters and machines that block your progress.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Despite looking outward like a Metroid clone, playing Axiom Verge is a different experience entirely. This is largely due to the game’s intriguing and haunting story of science gone too far and a confused identity, but the polished gameplay remains fun and familiar if platforming, shooting, and finding upgrades is what you love. There are over 60 items and power-ups and plenty of hidden corners to explore as you make your way through Sudra. If you haven’t yet picked up Axiom Verge on another platform, the Nintendo Switch makes a perfect home for the nostalgic adventure.