The 50 best Nintendo Switch games right now

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Credit: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel
Credit: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel /

Best Nintendo Switch Games #22 – The End is Nigh

Developer: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel

Synopsis: Ash, an amorphous blob, has survived the end of the world, and he has no friends, because everyone died. When he can’t play video games anymore, he sets off on a journey to make a friend and repopulate everything. But the world is treacherous and everything wants to kill Ash, so he must keep moving from spike-ridden path to enemy-encrusted wall to reach his goals. The End is Nigh’s brutal difficulty makes death a near-certainty, and things only get more difficult if you collect the hidden tumors to unlock secret, challenging areas.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Mr. McMillen and Mr. Glaiel have a flair for designing difficult, streamable games, and The End is Nigh is no exception. The End is Nigh may be brutal, but smooth controls and design consistencies remind you, always, that it’s definitely your fault you died. There’s plenty of world to explore and multiple endings, as one would expect, so make a stiff drink and prepare yourself for some of the best and most challenging platforming on the Switch, with a killer soundtrack backing it all.