The 50 best Nintendo Switch games right now

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Best Nintendo Switch Games #23 – Snipperclips – Cut It Out, Together!

Developer: Nintendo, SFB Games

Synopsis: Solve puzzles using geometry! It’s okay; learning is fun–you (or you and a friend) control two shapes with the ability to, by overlapping one another, snip and clip segments of one another away to create new shapes. Using these shapes, you must accomplish various tasks such as carrying items, dunking basketballs, or popping balloons. Up to four players can get together to play through special puzzles designed for more than two.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Nevermind the almost-creepy-cute aesthetic, Snipperclips is an excellent idea that hasn’t gotten nearly the attention it deserves. Couch co-op is the most fun, especially when you take into account the weird coordination of trying to cut specific shapes or the bizarre expressions of the main characters when you do. Snipperclips can easily turn itself into the best kind of mayhem while you work together…or not…with others to solve its puzzles. We just wish this game was longer.