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The Gentle Bros.
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Best Nintendo Switch Games #32 – Cat Quest

Developer: The Gentle Bros.

Synopsis: Your sister is kidnapped, and dragons roam the land of Felingard. You’re of the Dragonblood, which means you can slay dragons, but you’re also a cat. That last one isn’t a problem, because so are all your neighbors in Cat Quest. You’re off on a quest to save your sister and the land by slinking your way across the overworld, smashing up monsters with hack n slash play, clearing dungeons, and trying to survive an onslaught of cat puns. Good luck!

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Cat Quest may be simple, but its wholesome hack n slash play is the kind of easygoing adventure we need in complicated times. Cat Quest shines by being cute and polished, and by having convenient inventory and menu systems that save you troubles you had long assumed were just a part of video games, like handling duplicate items for you to make your existing stuff more powerful. Though the story doesn’t have a lot of depth to it, this short kitty romp is another purr-fect example of the Nintendo Switch’s embrace of enjoyable indies.