The 50 best Nintendo Switch games right now

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Best Nintendo Switch Games #36 – Kamiko

Developer: Skipmore

Synopsis: Three Japanese priestesses must defeat enemies and bosses in a top-down adventure game similar to old-school Legend of Zelda titles. Each of the three playable characters has a different weapon you can use to vanquish foes, and you’ll need to solve puzzles and open gates to progress. Kamiko is a short game, but leaderboards encourage you to beat the game as fast as possible and experiment with the three characters.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: It’s too bad that Kamiko is so short, but for its very low price point, it’s a truly enjoyable throwback to top-down adventures. Its gorgeous art-style and music immerse you in its ancient Japanese aesthetic as you play. There’s a solid challenge in Kamiko, too, as taking damage forces you to drop necessary items, and enemies continuously respawn. You may have to make quick decision to determine what you kill and how, ensuring a clear path ahead.