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Best Nintendo Switch Games #37 – Super Bomberman R

Developer: Konami

Synopsis: Bomberman is back for a rebooted story, with White ready to take on Emperor Buggler…if he could only get his siblings to join him! The same classic Bomberman gameplay that you remember returns in Super Bomberman R, asking you to move across a 2D grid, dropping bombs in strategic spots to clear floor space and defeat enemies to move to the next level. Co-op and 8-player competitive modes are also available.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games: Admittedly, Super Bomberman R doesn’t shock and awe with any shake-ups of the same Bomberman gameplay we’ve come to love. But, that’s all right. With over 50 playable stages and the multiplayer modes, the new puzzles will satisfy anyone missing the explosive, strategic play of Bomberman. The ability to take the game on the go and play with friends anywhere is a huge plus. Post-launch updates promise new characters and have already delivered on improving the framerate issues the game launched with.