50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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jackbox party pack 3
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Best Xbox One Games #43 – Jackbox Party Pack 3

Developer: Jackbox Games

Synopsis: Gather some of your closest buddies (or family members) together around the video game console and get ready for a barrel of laughs. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is the latest in the party video game franchise that hosts a ton of minigames, including the long-awaited sequel of Quiplash 2.

These hilarious minigames will have you and your group pick out which statement is the best answer to a question, answer multiple choice questions as party of a horror thriller, guess the percentage of people in the world who do a certain activity, draw out random t-shirts and slogans (deciding which one is the best), and guessing which person in the group is a faker.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: While the rest of the games industry is chasing the dream of having the highest graphical fidelity in their video games, or pushing the number of people that can join in a multiplayer map, Jackbox continuously plans the development of their games around lighthearted fun at home.

It’s hard to sell the idea of a traditional board game through a video game console, but Jackbox Party Pack 3 combines the crude silliness of Cards Against Humanity with the creativity of Cranium to create a lovely game of its very own.

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