50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Life Is Strange
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Best Xbox One Games #45 – Life Is Strange

Developer: Dontnod

Synopsis: Living in a suburban Portland town where everyone your age is an up and coming aspiring artist is tough enough. Competition is high, and the stakes are even higher. Imagine, then, if you suddenly could reverse time and try things over once more? Maxine Caulfield must use her powers alongside her trusty friend, Chloe, in order to find a missing girl and stop an impending destruction to the town of Arcadia Bay. How you use your powers, to what benefit, will last throughout the series, boiling down to a gripping conclusion that has people talking for days afterward.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: Dontnod stumbled out the gate with Remember Me, an aptly named title for a game struggling to become memorable in any way. Life is Strange is the company’s saving grace, bringing an excellent adaptation to the choice-based graphic adventure genre. It aptly sums up the life of a teenage girl struggling to find her own identity, while tying gameplay to how you represent yourself in tense situations. Puzzles are abstract, requiring logical advance over pushing blocks around. Information obtained from conversations can be used against others once you rewind time.

Complete with a memorable soundtrack and an authentic feel of a small West Coast town, Life Is Strange captures the spirit of adventure through the lens of modesty.

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