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The Walking Dead A New Frontier Ties That Bind Screenshot
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Best Xbox One Games #46 – The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Developer: Telltale Games

Synopsis: Javier Garcia is a former baseball prospect who starts caring for his family from the moment the walker apocalypse begins. Clementine is a child of the apocalypse, learning to keep her hair short, persevere, and survive at all costs. As the two cross paths, their fates inevitably become intertwined as the New Frontier comes knocking at every door they come across.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: So far, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier takes a big risk by introducing an entirely new protagonist to the series in its third season. While there is certainly a side-perspective focusing on Clementine, the story focuses on just you will do to help people under your authority and responsibility stay safe.

Better yet, Javier doesn’t come across as someone unreasonably built on self-interest, as he can adapt to the scenario and negotiate deals to help his own while adhering to the needs of others. That ability to realize the world doesn’t surround his viewpoint makes for an interesting protagonist, with a season entering a turning point two episodes in.

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