50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Dark Souls 3
From Software /

Best Xbox One Games #3 – Dark Souls 3

Developer: From Software

Synopsis: The chosen Unkindled Ash awakens from the grave, rising to the challenge of restoring the balance of power to humanity. This must be done by conquering the Lords of Cinder, using their great souls to bring about the coming of a new age once more. Players do so by using a variety of weapons, magic spells, miraculous powers, pyromancy flames and jolly co-operation, even tempting fate with a number of ways to interact with phantoms of neighboring worlds.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: Dark Souls 3 is like the greatest hits album from one of the greatest bands of all time. Not only do you get to follow intricate storylines of several returning characters as they conclude their arcs, but you also get to bridge the gaps between several Dark Souls universes. Tales of old mix in with the new and comes together to tell a unified story with several possible endings.

The enemy design is at its most interesting in Dark Souls 3, mixing in classic antideliuvian horrors with more contemporary Lovecraftian designs and modern takes on medieval combat. Every encounter seems fair, even though many of the bosses offer different combat styles and weak points to address.

As the number of weapons and abilities grow, so, too, do the PvP possibilities, including a system that allows for maximum carnage and infinite types of character builds. The stat system even allows for gimmick characters that run up Luck and put an emphasis on quick DPS, allowing for a number of ways to play against the environment and against others.

Dark Souls 3 represents the best of the series, even if it feels a tad familiar. It’s the perfect place to stop, leaving players hopeful for the future of this particular style of action-RPG.

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