50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Best Xbox One Games #7 – Titanfall

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Synopsis: With the stagnation of the modern FPS genre from the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield advancing into the ideals of futuristic shooters and advanced war technology, Respawn Entertainment took another approach with Titanfall. In it, soldiers are just a small part of the team-based shooter, as you can earn Titan drops with enough kills. These titans are ginormous robotic mech suits that allow you to shoot a ton of projectiles (or engage in robotic hand-to-hand combat) against other mechs and enemy soldiers.

Once you hear that “Stand by for Titanfall,” you know the game is about to change.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: Titanfall marked the beginning of the vertical FPS. Pretenders followed the lead of this game’s emphasis on speed and movement, where players are often running up, and jumping off, walls to get into buildings and line up the shots they need. The expanded arsenal of weapons makes for exciting team dynamics, especially when you involve smart weapons that require even the quickest run-and-gunner to slow things down and aim down the sights.

As Titanfall 2 features a single-player campaign and an expanded notion of what robotic fighters can do, remember that Respawn Entertainment handed out the entire DLC for free as a means of nurturing a strong fandom that made it all possible.

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