50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Rocket League
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Best Xbox One Games #11 – Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Synopsis: There is a lot more to Rocket League than its description. Imagine a wide open soccer field, extended by forcefields that elevate the pitch several stories high. Instead of soccer players, you have fast vehicles designed to crash into each other and boost forward/skyward at a remarkable rate. The ball is expanded to the size of several large vehicles combined, and the field is designed for vehicular travel up the sides of the arena. With rocket boosts that are picked up on the field of play, you can launch your vehicle into the air and perform majestic touches to the ball, all in the hope of scoring upon the opposing team’s net.

Additional post-launch modes include a basketball-like mode, plenty of customizable options and even licensing deals.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: The gameplay mechanics of Rocket League are so crazily on point, there is nowhere you can go to improve them. The team dynamics of passing a ball with a vehicle’s acceleration is so precise, yet flows like a river when done correctly. Every movement on the ground and in the air is balanced in a way that is easy to learn, but difficult to perfect. The longer you play, the quicker you learn about the dynamics and importance of team play. You’ll start seeing players pass the ball entirely in the air across the pitch once you become skilled enough. Playing your position is important because even playing two players of three with an offense-only mentality will lead to lopsided losses.

Speed being a point of importance keeps the flow of action going, with great teams clicking like well-oiled machines. Psyonix should be proud by their supreme accomplishment; making a unique multiplayer sports title that captures the interest and hearts of video game players.

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