50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Madden 17
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Best Xbox One Games #47 – Madden NFL 17

Developer: EA Tiburon

Synopsis: Experience football in as best a representation in gaming as possible. Whether it’s assembling a team of fantasy players with the Madden Ultimate Team, create your own dynasty with an updated Franchise mode, or match up against others in couch and online co-op, Madden 17 has you covered.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: Almost all aspects of Madden 17 football have been improved year-over-year. EA Sports presents a wonderfully complete package, with upgrades on all aspects of gameplay on offense, defense and special teams. You may even be able to block a kick, something that seemed impossible in previous games due to how players’ AI acted.

Furthermore, you will find that setting up the play, both on offense and defense, is clearly defined, highlighting the plays and what all team members will be doing on the snap. See something you don’t like on the defense? You now have a system in place for calling quick changes, never truly catching you off guard.

With countless ways to play, each with a variety of means to learn the basics, it’s never been easier (or more enjoyable) to jump into football video gaming than with Madden 17.