50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Best Xbox One Games #26 – Rime

Developer: Tequila Works

Synopsis: When some unknown magical force is at work, the world is your narrative oyster. The realm of Rime is filled with mystery and wonder, setting a young boy and his magical fox friend on a journey to discover a greater power at work. What he discovers on the journey will certainly have players talking.

Why it’s one of the best Xbox One games: When Tequila Works re-worked their IP rights, retained them and offered them up to all platforms that would take them, the Xbox One won a great little title that stands apart from the rest.

The adventure game has been decidedly turned into a choice-based decision factory, but Rime adds a more puzzle-oriented skew and mixes in a great art style. There are nods to great parts of other excellent games, but the mixture here provides a genuinely neat, interesting package that is definitely worth checking out.

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