50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Forza Motorsport 6
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Best Xbox One Games #30 – Forza Motorsport 6

Developer: Turn 10 Studios

Synopsis: Turn 10 have been masters of the racing title, and Forza 6 might be their best simulation-like title in a while. They brought back many features that had been missing in previous Xbox One titles, including rain and nighttime racing. Not to be outdone by Sony’s racers, their new weather system allowed for realistic hydroplaning and weather-related track reactions, playing up to the realities of the tires and the speed of the pack.

Why it’s one of the best Xbox One games: Forza 5 kicked off the Xbox One with a bit of a bumpy road. Microtransactions baked into the full price title made it near impossible to earn all racing vehicles. This time around, not only are there double the number of cars, but many of them scale through the ages, representative of different areas.

Those looking for a rich single-player experience were not disappointed, as you could easily spend dozens upon dozens of hours. Drivatars make a reappearance and are a lot more adaptable to the player’s sensibilities. You can force them to be unpredictable, more human-like or robotic AI. Online multiplayer feels seamless, and the vehicles themselves are absolutely beautiful.

Forza 6 strikes a perfect balance between simulation and a tinge of arcade sensibilities.

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