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Best Xbox One Games #37 – Sunset Overdrive

Developer: Insomniac Games

Synopsis: Set in the not-too-distant future of 2027, almost everyone in a small town meets up for a huge party sponsoring the release of a new energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT. In a moment of “told you so”-edness that only fans of Reefer Madness could appreciate, the energy drink turns everyone into a horrific monster. It’s just your create-a-character protagonist and a small band of survivors left in town to both escape, while taking down energy drink manufacturers FizzCo, themselves.

You do this by accumulating as many powerful weapons as possible while defending outposts, growing your team and saving any survivors. You become more powerful by building Style, which is done by grinding on rails, jumping off of walls, parkouring off obstacles and jumping off of jumpable pads. Each level makes killing enemies easier, and running around on the ground is tantamount to lava.

Why it’s one of the best Xbox One games: Sunset Overdrive was an important launch on the Xbox One for many reasons. Firstly, it meant Sony losing the backing of Insomniac Games as an exclusive 2nd-party developer. Second, it meant that kind of style that the studio brings to its titles coming to an Xbox One game, and boy did Sunset Overdrive ever drive for style.

The combo system puts an emphasis on flow more than strategic play. You need to keep hopping around and build your meter, meaning you always have to look for the next rail, wire or wall to run alongside. It’s a fast-paced title that drives to be an example of humor in video games coming back. Whether or not it goes too far is up to you.

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