50 Best Xbox One Games Right Now

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Peggle 2
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Best Xbox One Games #39 – Peggle 2

Developer: PopCap Games

Synopsis: Peggle is such a transcendent mobile game that PopCap decided that they could pull it off on consoles, too. Microsoft Studios used their partnership with EA to introduced timed exclusivity (and current console exclusivity) to Peggle 2, bringing the excellence of the first game and simply adding more stuff.

Peggle 2 uses the same style of casual puzzle-solving mechanics. You have 10 balls projected from the top, and each time you fire one, they should aim to clear as many orange pieces as possible. You get point bonus for bouncing ball shots off of opposing orange and purple peggles, while hero helpers offer bonus skills when you hit green peggles.

Why it’s one of the best Xbox One games: Though maybe suited for a mobile release, as well, the challenge that is Peggle 2 at its very best, complete with its leaderboard scoring system, makes for a relaxing playthrough. There are tons of more heroes and levels to explore than in the first game, and that’s all you ever really needed.

While nobody should ever be “jump in the air and smack your hand on the ground” excited for Peggle 2, it provides simple mechanics, a style of puzzle game replicated nowhere else and its own style that manages to translate from mobile to console fairly well.

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