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Tales from the Borderlands
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Best Xbox One Games #40 – Tales from the Borderlands

Developer: Telltale Games

Synopsis: Taking place after Borderlands 2, Telltale Games presents their own interpretation of what comes after. Hyperion employee Rhys gets mixed up with con artist Fiona, trying to capitalize on a plunder they both want to cash in on. Over the course of the story, the two are on the run from Hyperion, bounty hunters seeking a reward, similar criminals and are even forced to go to space in order to find the location of a very special vault. Presented as a story told by a mysterious stranger, Telltale presents a game that focuses more on narrative over loot crawl.

Why it’s one of the 50 best Xbox One games: Tales From The Borderlands is a showcase of faith. A strong example of how Telltale Games can recreate the scope of a video game in an entirely different genre, they managed to win over fans that may be opposed to the style of humor that the series is known for, especially with its memes. However, Telltale takes the best of the characters and fleshes out the extremes of their dynamics. An excellent voice cast, including the likes of Dave Fennoy, Phil LaMarr, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Patrick Warburton and Chris Hardwick, brings life to their characters.

Tales From The Borderlands spins a brilliant yarn that does its best to break away from what players may have come to expect.

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