50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Destiny The Taken King
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Best PS4 Games #23 – Destiny

Developer: Bungie

Synopsis: This shared-world shooter has players acting as Guardians, manipulating an unknown power called Light to defend Earth’s last stronghold city against alien invasions. You can choose one of three classes, with Hunters being agile fighters, Warlocks focusing on using the Light for supernatural powers and Titans built to tank encounters. There are a host of single and multiplayer events to participate in, including popular FPS competitive modes. There are even dedicated raids that take hours to complete, with daily quests created to aid improvement of your character’s armor and weapons.

Why it’s one of the 50 best PS4 games: Built from the ground up for the long game, Destiny has undergone a number of changes to flesh out its content. Raids, weapons, maps, minigames, better voice acting for robots; Bungie has optimized the MMOFPS gameplay loop to sustain an audience for a long time. There are hundreds of hours you can spend in Destiny that can be played before you start to get weary. It’s a testament to the team’s ability to reconcile fan feedback, respond accordingly and balance the game favorably within a quick turnaround.

In a time when there are so many games coming out, trying to steal your focus away, Destiny has players coming back for more, time and time again.

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