50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Infamous Second Son
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Best PS4 Games #25 – Infamous: Second Son

Developer: Sucker Punch Studios

Synopsis: Perhaps the console’s first great exclusive, Infamous: Second Son places Akomish Native American Delsin Rowe in the middle of a power struggle for humanity’s control over people with special abilities. He accidentally uncovers a hidden power to absorb the power of the elements, becoming known as a conduit. Along with some help from his sheriff brother and some fellow conduits, his goal is to take down the D.U.P. and its director, Brooke Augustine.

Why it’s one of the 50 best PS4 games: The open worlds of Infamous have always played to the strengths of an electricity-wielding protagonist, so having a hero that controls more than just one of the elements requires a location worthy of marvel. The Seattle of Infamous: Second Son gives the development team the perfect spot to highlight the majestic wonders of the PS4 early in the system’s existence, providing the perfect opportunities to highlight lush greenery and an accurately detailed weather system.

They complement Delsin’s abilities quite well, adding complexity to the combat system the series is known forth. The true-to-life aspects of the city interacting with the destructive nature of a conduit makes for a brilliant representation of smoke, electricity, neon and more.

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