50 Best PS4 Games Right Now

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Far Cry 4
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Best PS4 Games #31 – Far Cry 4

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Synopsis: Kyrat native Ajay Ghale returns home from America to pay respect to his mother’s dying wishes to have her ashes spread in her homeland. Conniving dictator Pagan Min has other plans for Ghale, a man who must play party to a revolution in order to overthrow the madman responsible for destroying the prosperity of the great mountain nation. Following the series traditions, you must conquer outposts in order to turn the tide for the rebellion, while taking on mother nature itself in the form of mountain lions, tigers, and bears. Oh, my!

Why it’s one of the 50 best PS4 games: An underrated aspect of modern FPS play is that of the co-op campaign. Thankfully, Ubisoft managed to make theirs work for Far Cry 4 in a realistic way; allowing for completely honest multiplayer campaign experience. Whether or not you need help to take down the powers that be, doing so with a friend creates remarkable hijinx, including the use of gyrocopters to fly about or incessant vehicular-based trolling via running each other over. I guess exploring the wilderness and taking in the mythical wonders of Shangri-La is fun, too.

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