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Best PS4 Games #32 – Inside

Developer: Deadplay 

Synopsis: It’s difficult to get too far into the plot of Inside without getting into spoiler territory. A young boy is out in the woods, exploring the world as he stumbles upon some artificial barriers being propped up. Some mysterious men are hanging around in the woods, gathering up…something, all in huge shipping trucks. As you explore further and further into the mystery, you only get more questions that remained unanswered.

Similar to Limbo, our protagonist can use contextual clues around the environment to overcome challenges. Mixing puzzles and platforming, it’s more about uncovering the mystery surrounding Inside.

Why it’s one of the best PS4 games: Everything that Deadplay brought to Limbo was improved upon with Inside. The 2.5D style mixed in with the muted color palette and art style used by the dev team creates a wonderfully haunting aesthetic. It’s perfect to fit the “what is going on?” theme that drives the momentum of the game.

Once the curtains begin to peel back and major moments happen throughout the short, but sweet, story, each next revelation becomes more and more fascinating. Inside evokes an emotional response that David Cage wishes he could even dream of.

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