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Best PS4 Games #38 – For Honor

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Synopsis: Factions of Knights, Vikings, and Samurai are drawn together to fight in a constant war forged by the Apollyon. The story is crafted by veritable fighters representing each style of combat in massive battles for key strongholds across the kingdom. This expands to multiplayer combat, where groups of players either face each other in duel combat or take part of dominion and siege warfare.

Why it’s one of the 50 best PS4 games: For Honor plays like a fighting game made for the dynamic online world, as you gain notoriety for your clan while pushing back in key locations. You can ignore this side of gameplay and concentrate solely on the combat mechanics through multiplayer matches, as this game gets as competitive as esports if you want it to.

With character equipment differences, skill loadouts, and statistical differences in speed, strength, and dexterity, For Honor tailors to multiple play styles. There are plenty of fun builds you can create, some of which even happen to work better on certain maps. Most importantly, its combat is easy to pick up and modestly difficult to master, offering a fair learning curve that won’t get too daunting.

For Honor is the kind of action game that toes the line between a team-based romp and a skill-vs.-skill fighter in a fairly unique way.

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