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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #2 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Developer: Nintendo EAD

Release Date: June 9th, 2013

Synopsis: Life will be easy in the peaceful town you’re moving to, far away from the bustle of the city, or so you think until a miscommunication makes you mayor and forces you to sleep in a tent. The stress is over quickly, though, as you adjust to life in a sleepy little village populated by adorable, quirky animals who spend all day fishing, catching bugs, exchanging gifts, and changing their clothes. You can choose how you spend your days–collecting items for the museum, decorating your house, befriending the neighbors, or just going for leisurely strolls around the town to see what happens. As mayor, you can build Public Works projects to enhance the town and enact ordinances that require a store to stay open later or keep the town clean if you want, but at the end of the day, how you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf is entirely up to you.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: Animal Crossing has always had a sweet perfection to it, but New Leaf stole the show in almost every way. It took the already excellent gameplay from Wild World and City Folk and added needed new customization features in the public works projects and the ability to customize your character, home, and various designs even further. Your neighbors have vastly improved dialogue, and you can even fit more of the cute little guys in your town for maximum friendship fun. An additional island reachable by boat added more ways to play with friends than just puttering around one another’s towns in the form of mini-games involving activities like fishing and planting flowers.

The slower progression to unlock buildings and the sheer number of possible villagers helped add a lot of life to New Leaf. Nintendo should also be praised for continuously supporting the title–they’re still adding new items to the North American version to this day via Wi-Fi. The recent Welcome amiibo update has added even more longevity to a game we’ve already been playing for over four years, and can’t seem to stop…even if Pocket Camp temporarily holds our attention.