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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #7 Super Smash Bros

Developer: Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Games

Release Date: October 3rd, 2014

Synopsis: Nintendo’s greatest all-stars return to the battlefield for the fourth time to duke it out in a contest to see who is the greatest fighter of them all. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS gathered a roster of 58 total playable characters (including a customizable Mii Fighter) from various Nintendo franchises for players to use in battles against one another. Alongside the traditional Smash battles with up to four players, it also allowed for online play in For Fun and For Glory matches. Single-player brings back Classic Mode, a series of fights against AI characters at an adjustable difficulty level for currency rewards used to purchase collectible trophies.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: Super Smash Bros. stands as one of the most important franchises for Nintendo, responsible for selling consoles, inspiring competitions, and bringing families and friends together around a console in true Nintendo style–cheerfully, until someone wins and no one wants to be their friend anymore.

How can we appropriately praise Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, a game that was nearly everything it should have been whether you got your desired character added to the roster or not? The combat brought back the frantic pace of Melee that we missed in Brawl. The roster was simply enormous and DLC served to augment it further. Multiple game modes kept players engaged even when all their friends weren’t over to try the chaotic 8-player Smash. The sliding difficulty for Classic Mode offered a continuous challenge no matter how skilled you were at Smash.

The only downside to Super Smash Bros for 3DS was its occasionally weak online connective play, and the fact that it just hasn’t aged well. Despite being an excellent handheld version of the game, there’s just something about playing on console that’s far more attractive, even with the Wii U’s lackluster sales. It’s a great game, you just might struggle to find folks to play with on handheld.

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