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Best Nintendo Games – #47 Rune Factory 4

Developer: Neverland Co.

Release Date: October 1, 2013

Synopsis: When your character is hit on the head and chucked out of an airship, you land in the town of Selphia, which is looking for someone to run things. It falls to you to attract tourists and help the town prosper, all while developing your own life and building relationships with others. Rune Factory 4, as with other Rune Factory games, features a mix of sim activites and dungeon crawling aspects. The fate of Selphia and your own future are both in your hands.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: It’s truly a shame that Harvest Moon didn’t quite survive the transition to more modern platforms. But even as it struggles to make a home for sim games beside Animal Crossing, Rune Factory has seen some success and growth for its name. Combining the dungeon crawling aspects was an excellent move to attract people to its city builder stylings. Rune Factory 4 expanded marriage, one of the most popular aspects of the series, and added more in the way of stories for the marriage candidates and ways to interact with them. Even if it’s been awhile since Rune Factory 4’s release, we have hope that the excellence of 4 bodes well for the continuation of the series.