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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #16 Resident Evil: Revelations

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: January 26, 2012

Synopsis: Resident Evil Revelations splits the story between two pairs of FBC agents: Parker Luciani and Jill Valentine go to search for Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat, though they’re initially thwarted by a Veltro trap. Revelations follows the stealth horror gameplay we’ve come to expect from the series while putting together a bridge game between Resident Evil 4 and 5, connecting the events and filling in gaps for those willing to play an RE game on 3DS and risk getting spooked in public areas.

Why it’s one of the best Nintendo 3DS games: With excellent graphics and an interesting RE-universe tale, Resident Evil: Revelations is one of the best games the 3DS has to offer. Its drawbacks are few and depend on the player: the 3DS isn’t especially designed for the kind of nerve-wracking stealth play Resident Evil fans love, and thus may kill the atmosphere a bit. The story also got a bit busy with its constant character flip flopping. But if you can overcome those hurdles, Revelations is an excellent choice for any fan of the series.