50 best Nintendo 3DS games right now

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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #23 BoxBoxBoy!

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Release Date: June 30th, 2016

Synopsis: BoxBoxBoy! is similar to its predecessor, BoxBoy! in aesthetic and basic gameplay. You play as Qbby, a cute box creature who must progress through various platforming levels by using his ability to spawn more boxes, used to cross platforms, block obstacles, or in other creative ways. In BoxBoxBoy!, Qbby can spawn two sets of boxes at a time instead of just one.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: BoxBoxBoy! is one of the best deals for an excellent platformer out there. It’s stupidly cheap on the eShop, and you’ll get to enjoy hours of some of the most intelligent, engaging platforming and puzzles on a Nintendo device. The game includes 79 main levels, dozens of challenge stages, and three playable characters, so there’s plenty to do, and strikes a perfect balance of teaching the player exactly enough to be able to figure out each new puzzles on their own and feel great about it. The second set of boxes ups the ante from the original game, adding even more options for switch, obstacle, and platforming puzzles that will tease your brain. BoxBoxBoy! is one of the hidden Nintendo gems that deserves much more recognition than it’s gotten.

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