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ever oasis
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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #25 Ever Oasis

Developer: Grezzo

Release Date: June 23rd, 2017

Synopsis: A desert world infested with monsters of chaos provides little refuge for its peaceful inhabitants until you step forward. As one of the last Children of the Great Tree, you make a pact with a water spirit named Esna to establish an oasis in the desert to protect those within its bounds from Chaos and restore life to the world. Your time will be balanced between caring for and managing your oasis, and adventuring into the wild desert to fight monsters, rescue new residents, and beat back chaos once and for all.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: As the potency of the Nintendo 3DS wanes, Ever Oasis brings a bit of refreshment to the handheld’s lineup. By mixing city management gameplay with dungeon crawling, action RPG adventure, Ever Oasis has a bit of something for everyone. Its enjoyable dungeoning stems from the ability to swap party members quickly to use for different combat weaknesses or to solve certain dungeon puzzles, and more party members are gained by managing your oasis effectively. All systems work together to benefit the rest, and the game is supported by a gorgeous soundtrack and an enjoyable storyline rife with sidequests and goofy characters.

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