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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #28 Pokemon X and Y

Developer: Game Freak

Release Date: October 12th, 2013

Synopsis: Pokemon X and Y takes place in the new Kalos region, where the protagonist begins his or her Pokemon adventure to catch, battle, train, and trade as many Pokemon as possible while defeating eight gyms, an Elite Four, a champion, several rivals, and an evil organization. Apart from the obvious differences brought to the series by its movement into 3D, Pokemon X and Y introduced smooth online features for both trading and battling, easy training modes for competitive battling, trainer customization, and the new Mega Evolution all served to reinvigorate the series as it made its transition onto the Nintendo 3DS.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: Pokemon needed X and Y. No game since Pokemon Gold and Silver has innovated the series so much as X and Y did, and arguably these games transformed it even more. The visual transition into 3D brought the game to life in new ways, filling the adventure with color and allowing for much more interesting environments to explore. The plot edged just a tad closer to the darker, more serious story that many older fans are looking for. Mega Evolution and changes to how the meta-game worked and could be prepared for made it more accessible to more people.

Best of all was the introduction of online features such as Wonder Trade and the GTS. For the first time, not only were there over 700 Pokemon available, but you really could catch ’em all with enough patience and some clever trading with both friends and strangers. Pokemon has always been a series about forging connections with other humans through shared love of Pokemon. X and Y took the gameplay one giant step closer to fully realizing that idealistic creativity.