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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #30 Mario Golf: World Tour

Developer: Camelot Software Planning

Release Date: May 2nd, 2014

Synopsis: Just what it says on the tin–Mario Golf: World Tour is a golf game featuring all the popular Mario characters, along with the self-insert Miis. A wide variety of courses are available for play including some modeled off real life courses and other featuring environments from the various Mario games. Each character has a unique stat pool that affects various factors such as shot distance and shot shape, and different pieces of equipment or golf balls can be used to influence stats, too. A single player campaign is available, though short, but online multiplayer includes a tournament system enabling you to compete with players around the world for the best scores.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: The rather short and weak single-player experience (especially compared to the GBA Mario Golf) of Mario Golf: World Tour is readily made up for by its excellent multiplayer, provided you either enjoy anonymous online competition or have friends to play with. That sounds like quite the caveat, but with such solid and comfortable gameplay as World Tour provides, it would be a shame to pass it up once the single player is done. All mechanics–from the swings to the putts to the way stats and equipment interact with one another to customize a character make for an excellent golfing experience–plus, the visuals and music were lovely, too!