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Best Nintendo 3DS Games – #38 Steamworld Heist

Developer: Image & Form

Release Date: December 10th, 2015

Synopsis: Side-scrolling strategy title Steamworld Heist contains a world full of steam-powered robots, pirates, and space cowboys surrounding the main character Captain Piper Faraday. Faraday and her robot friends that she recruits must move skillfully through various 2D levels and engage in shootouts with enemy robots to take over enemy spaceships and steal their plunder. Strategic elements revolve around movement and weapon use, including ricocheting trick shots off environmental obstacles. Abilities, weapons, and hats are all collectible and usable to customize your robot team–hats, in particular, are fun to collect, as they are gained by shooting them off your opponent’s head.

Why It’s One Of The Best Nintendo Games: Steamworld Heist has been released on multiple platforms now, but its appearance on the 3DS may be its most solid performance due to the advantages afforded by the dual screen and the convenience of the handheld. The steampunk aesthetic and creative storytelling (steam-powered robots) of Steamworld Heist will easily charm players, and the fact that the general gameplay philosophy revolves around skill over luck may be a welcome distinction for this title when so many other games throw in chance or RNG elements to spice up gameplay. A release for the Wii U has been announced for an undetermined date in 2016–it will be interesting to see how Steamworld Heist fares on a console with a Gamepad. We’re betting it’s just as stellar.

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