Pokemon’s The Indigo Disk has a powerful hidden ending most players will miss

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Note: There are going to be spoilers in this article but I’ll let you know when it happens. I’ll talk to you about how to get the ending first, give y’all a spoiler warning, and only THEN go into the ending and any other spoiler related stuff.

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So, after you beat the Indigo Disk you’ll know because you’ll get a nice ending and credits will roll over that god awful Ed Sheeran song just like what happened in the last DLC. When you go back in the game, however, there’s a way better ending waiting for you that most people probably won’t even know to get.

When you get back into the game upon completing it, you’re going to head back to the Kitakami’s Crystal Pool at the top of the mountain in the previous DLC’s area. Just fast travel straight there and head towards the middle. Once you get close enough, it’ll happen. The new ending will happen. And you’ll even find yourself with a brand new title screen.

Now, we’re getting into spoiler territory. Watch yourself man, there’s pictures and everything.


Okay, so from here on in, we’re just dropping spoilers like they are absolutely burning hot so you’ve been more than warned.

So let’s say you’ve completed the game. You’ve beaten Terapagos, you’ve righted your friendship with young master Kieran, you’ve done the things and talked to the people and you’ve gotten the credits but there’s still one plot hole that hasn’t really been resolved.

There is a journal on one of the desks near the bottom of Area Zero that I fully didn’t understand at first.

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I beg your pardon? I know that there’s the Scarlet Book (or the Violet Book if you’re playing the other version) but I don’t know about any White Book.

After you beat the game, however, Ms. Briar calls you to her classroom for a talk. Once there she tells you about how she wrote a book about her time in the Area Zero Underdepths called “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero”. Guess what color the book is.

You’re given the item and it goes into your key items where it sits there unusable.

But if you noticed this journal and happened to make the connection between the book mentioned in the journal and the white book you just received you might be curious of the location mentioned in the book.

You’re going to be looking for the magical Crystal Pool in the Kitagami area from the previous Teal Mask DLC. If you fast travel there you’re going to just move across the bridge and into the center of the lake area where you’ll get a cut scene.

As you approach the lake, Terapogos hops out of it’s Pokeball and excitedly moves towards the center of the lake where fog and light start to build up. A figure is seen in the fog and Terapagos retreats back into its ball. That person? Is the Professor (the version specific Professor your game has).

Here’s the thing though, it’s the real one. Not the AI version you fought at the end of the main game. You can tell they’re real by how weirdly hyper defined their details are, especially Sada’s abs.

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“Well now,” indeed.

It turns out that this is a professor from the past who is still investigating Area Zero and has yet to need an AI clone of themselves to handle the extra work load. You have a talk with her and your mount Pokemon (Koraidon or Moraidon) hops out excited as heck to see its original owner.

You discuss things, you tell the Professor about what went down and all this other fun stuff and then the craziest bit happens. The Professor takes out their signed copy of the Scarlet (or Violet) book and offers to trade it with you for the White Book that Ms. Thorn gave you.

When you do the professor is remarkably happy and laments that they can’t have more time to talk as they realize whatever is calling them to this place is pulling them back. It’s an absolute shame that Arvin can’t be there for it though as that would have been a really important opportunity for the kiddo.

But after the scene ends you’re taken back to the title screen once more where you notice that the sun has literally set on the game, and the Professor’s copy of the book is sitting there on your desk.

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I loved this moment. Sure, there were still some things I wanted answered, like, “why is it when you investigate the counters in the missing Professor’s locked up lab does it tell you that it looks like someone has been there recently.” Unless they time traveled. But I would have liked a few more answers.

The exciting bit about this is that you created a paradox! As a Doctor Who fan I absolutely love the chance to be able to make one. You gave the Professor a book detailing the underdepths below Area Zero and revealing how to get to Terapagos so that they could go back in time and discover the underdepths and Terapagos leaving information behind so that one day you and the gang can go find the underdepths and Terapagos while Birch writes all the information down so that you can give it to the Professor one day. It’s brilliant.