The Finals: Best Weapons for Each Class

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Embark Studios’ multiplayer FPS The Finals released last Thursday and is already a huge hit, reaching a peak concurrent player count of almost 250,000. Players are already searching for the best builds in each of the game’s three classes, and are spoiled for choice when it comes to weaponry and gadgets they are able to equip. Here’s a guide to the best weapons in The Finals so you can get ahead of the competition.

The Finals: Best Weapons for the Light Class

The Finals’ Light class has low health but high mobility and currently has the most weapons to choose from ranging from short-range submachine guns to bolt-action sniper rifles. There’s a variety of builds to choose from. For an adaptable hit-and-run gameplay style, I recommend the XP-54 or M11 SMGs combined with the Evasive Dash specialty. These fast-firing weapons with generous magazine pools mean accuracy is secondary to speed. The XP-54 comes with a red dot sight for mid-range engagements, but has less ammunition. Meanwhile, the M11 has 40 bullets per mag and fires extremely fast, but is inaccurate.

For a stealthy close-range assassin style of play, the SH1900 sawed-off shotgun coupled with the Cloaking Device specialty can wreck opponents provided you get the drop on them. Lastly, players with precise aim can look to the SR-84 sniper rifle for their long-range headshot kills.

The Finals: Best Weapons for the Medium Class

The Medium class is versatile, able to engage at most any range against any opponent. The AKM is a classic all-round assault rifle, while players looking for more range and stopping power can rely on the FCAR, though they’ll have to make their 20 shots count. For those looking to get up close and personal, the Model 1887 shotgun can annihilate opponents but has a slow reload.

For area denial, the CL40 grenade launcher can wreak havoc, but it too has a cumbersome reload and its AOE projectiles are unwieldy to aim.

The Finals: Best Weapons for the Heavy Class

The Heavy class is a slow bruiser with high explosives and a large health pool. For weapons, the M60 and Lewis Gun are machine guns perfect for sustained suppressive fire. They are almost identical in stats, but the latter has a smaller magazine in exchange for a better sight picture and higher accuracy.

For a close-range option, the SA1216 is a bizarre shotgun that shreds up close, coming with a 16-shell “quad-tube” magazine that requires cycling with every fourth shot. Nevertheless, it’s a beast especially against fragile Light players unwise enough to engage a heavy character alone.


The Finals is still in its early days, and players may find ways to break other weapons wide open. It’s impressive, however, that no firm meta has coalesced yet, proving that a wide variety of builds and strategies are viable for winning. Of course, weapons aren’t the only tool players have access to in The Finals, with a wide variety of gadgets available for utility.

Stay tuned for more The Finals content as the game’s first season continues.