The Finals: Best Gadgets for Each Class

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Embark Studios’ multiplayer FPS The Finals launched last Thursday to become an instant hit, reaching almost 250,000 concurrent players. Players looking to get ahead of the competition are fine-tuning their builds to find the best combination of specialties, weapons and gadgets, the latter making up the bulk of The Finals’ items. With such a large selection to choose from, it might seem difficult to pin down an optimal build. Here are a few good choices to start with depending on your playstyle and class.

The Finals Best Gadgets for the Light Class

The Light class is focused on getting frags, and thus has a variety of offensive gadgets and grenades to play with. The Breach Charge is nearly essential as it allows for surprise ambushes from above or below, as well as sneaky frags if attached to a Cashbox or prop.

Glitch Grenades and Flashbangs can be used to disrupt opponents and open them up for kills, but you have to be careful not to catch teammates (or yourself) in the debilitating blasts.

For assassin-style players, the Stun Gun can be used to stop opponents in their tracks, but do know they can still move (and shoot), requiring precise timing and aim to make it count.

Lastly, the Smoke Grenade can be used to conceal your position, opening up a steal on a Cashout station or a stealthy kill from the shadows.

The Finals Best Gadgets for the Medium Class

The Medium class has the most gadgets to choose from and comes with both support, defensive and offensive options. The Defibrillator is a mandatory pick because it allows for an instant revive on a teammate, crucial for a game where the respawn timer is so long.

For mobility, Jump Pads and Ziplines can be used to get across the arena quickly. The former can also be used to disorient foes and block entry to a Cashout station.

For defensive play, Gas Mines are fantastic. Their lingering poisonous clouds can buy time for a Cashout station to pay out and can be triggered via shooting. One drawback is that allies can be easily caught in the cloud and killed if they aren’t careful.

The Finals Best Gadgets for the Heavy Class

The Heavy class in The Finals has access to defensive equipment and high explosives. The RPG-7 is a fantastic option for altering the battlefield and can be used as a one-shot weapon in a pinch. Similarly, C-4 can be used to blow through walls or attached to objects to be used as improvised explosives.

Defensively, the Heavy class has access to mines like the Medium class, but also Barricades and a Dome Shield. The latter is especially effective at protecting a teammate as they go for a Cashout steal or a revive.


There are many Gadgets available to choose from in The Finals and each character can equip three, along with a reserve to swap to during play. This means there is lots of opportunities for mixing and matching to find the best combination for you. Combine Gadgets with weapons to dominate the battlefield and reach The Finals!