Starfield XP farm: How to reach Level 100 super fast

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Starfield was one of the most captivating games of the year, even before it was even released in fact. Xbox and Bethesda’s space RPG 25 years in the making has taking exploration and visions to the limit in gaming. With so much to do, there is also much to miss out on. One of these is the ability to level up to an unlimited amount. With the freedom to make our character near indestructible with unlimited XP, with it comes the caveat of the amount of time needed to do so. Fortunately, we have an easy way for you to get it done. Our guide below shows you an incredibly fast way to earn XP and get to level 100 quickly in Starfield to earn yourself the Reach for the Stars achievement.

Part 1

If you haven’t begun tinkering around with outposts in Starfield, well, you will now. Outposts are key in gaining fast XP in Starfield, and they can take you all the way to level 100 in a matter of about 4 hours. I admittedly saved this for my last achievement and cost myself a lot of time figuring this out, but hopefully this guide helps you make it to level 100 much faster. You’ll need resources as well as certain skills to start. Most importantly, make sure you get the Outpost Engineering skill in the science tab in order to be able to build an outpost. The resource extraction and power generation also need to be unlocked at the research bench. It just needs to be level 1. As far as resources, I went to the UC Distribution center on Jemison Commercial District. If they do not have the amount below for you, simply sit on the bench there for 24 hours to reset the inventory and repeat until you have the amount you need. It only takes a few minutes.  Get these amounts to start:

  1. 30x Adaptive Frames
  2. 140x aluminum
  3. 30X Beryllium
  4. 40x copper
  5. 2x fiber
  6. 100x iron
  7. 30x tungsten

Once you have these, you will need to go to a planet that has a lot of aluminum and iron deposits, preferably both in the same Outpost. Two very good places to go are A. Codos, a moon of Akila in Cheyenne System and B. Andraphon, a moon of Samati in the Narion system. If you scan for resources, you will see the veins are located with iron in mountain sections and aluminum in crater sections. Find a spot in the crater as close to the mountains as possible to land – you’ll probably need to zoom in on the map. Get out of your ship and head toward the mountains with your outpost beacon on the screen. You will see the resources that will be in the covered area in the left side of the screen. Once you find one that has both iron and aluminum, plop down your beacon. You can build up to 7 each of aluminum and iron extractors with the above resources. Build the same amount of each and place on the resource vein. Using the top-down view makes this so much easier. Now, build solid storage containers with the same amount for each – about three or four with the above resources to start. Connect all your aluminum extractors to one storage bin and iron extractors to a DIFFERENT storage bin. Link the bins as follows:

A. All aluminum extractors to storage bin 1 – then storage bin 1 to storage bin 2 to storage bin 3 to storage bin 4.

B. All iron extractors to storage bin 5 – then storage bin 5 to storage bin 6 to storage bin 7 to storage bin 8.

The idea is to keep them separate to avoid overlapping of resources and have them piggy back to the next bin to avoid overflowing and losing resources.

Now, you’ll just need power to start them up. The solar arrays are the easiest to use and the cheapest. Each solar array generates 6 power, but extractors only need 5 each. So, make sure you have enough to cover your extractors. Next, build an industrial workbench and a bed and go to sleep for 24 hours. When you wake up, your containers will be filled. You should build as many containers as your resources allow to start once you wake up. Otherwise, you run the risk of your containers filling up as you sleep and wasting any remaining time with lower resources than you could have. Once you have enough, keep sleeping and waking up. Use the bench to make adaptive frames in bulk. Hold right on the D-pad and keep spamming the RB button to get to 99 quickly then hit A. Keep doing this until you’ve exhausted your resources, then sleep and repeat.