Jet Force Gemini and other N64 classics come to Nintendo Switch

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Three more Nintendo 64 classics have come to the Nintendo Switch via its online service. For those who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, you can now play Harvest Moon 64, 1080º Snowboarding, and Jet Force Jemini. For those who are bit too young for the glory days of the N64, here’s a quick rundown of each game.

Harvest Moon 64

Released in February 1999, and re-released for the Wii U in 2017, Harvest Moon 64 is a farm sim. You’ve inherited your grandfather’s farm in Flower Bud village and now you’ve got to make sure everything is run smoothly.  From all the phases of planting to all the responsibilities of raising and caring for livestock, you’ll be doing it all.

"Clear the land, till the soil, and then plant, water and sell your crops for profit. Raise and care for livestock, including cows, chickens and sheep. Or meander about town and visit the shops while getting to know the other townsfolk."

When not farming, you’ll have the opportunity to romance others and start your very own family.

1080º Snowboarding

December 2023's N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online
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I live in Florida, so snowboarding is a bit foreign to me to me. I’ve never done it, so 1080º Snowboarding is about as close as I’ll get to it. The game features several game modes, including Match Race, Trick Attack and 2P VS. Play solo or online and select one of five different boarders — each with their own attributes and tricks — to compete on the snowy mountaintops from the comfort of your warm room.

Jet Force Gemini

Probably the most anticipated of the bunch, Rare’s Jet Force Gemini was originally released for the N64 in 1999. In this interstellar adventure, you travel in search of the evil Mizar’s lair to help prevent the galaxy from becoming infested. Play solo and experience more than ten cosmic locations, or play with a friend to take on the Mizar’s evil Drones in two-player co-op. There’s also a four-player Battle Mode.

All three of these beloved Nintendo 64 games are now playable through the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack ($49.99/year).