Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Merged Buildings: Multi-Archer Tower and Ricochet Cannon

Supercell /

Supercell has shared another sneak peek for the upcoming December update, aka the Town Hall 16 update. As suggested by previous leaks, the new Town Hall will come with a new Defense feature: Merged Buildings.

We previously thought you’d only be able to merge Archer Towers, but it seems like you’ll be able to merge a few other defensive buildings as well. Instead of purchasing new Defenses from the Shop when you reach Town Hall 16, you’ll have the option to purchase the ability to merge several Defenses. As explained by Supercell:

"Once you meet the minimum requirements to merge your two Defenses into a single, mega, ultra Defense monstrosity, the game will display which two buildings will be merged."

There are currently two Defenses you can merge, Archer Towers and Cannons. Combining two Archer Towers will form the Multi-Archer Tower. Merging two Cannons will give you the Richochet Cannon.

Multi-Archer Tower costs and stats

The Multi-Archer Tower targets three different attacking enemies; however, if there are less than three targets, it will attack the remaining targets more frequently. One target, for example, will be shot by 3 arrows, while two targets will result in one of them getting shot twice.

Two Multi-Archer Towers are available at Town Hall 16. In addition to merging the two Archer Towers, the Multi-Archer Tower itself can be upgraded. Here are the stats:

  • Range: 10 tiles
  • Damage type: Multiple targets
  • # of targets: 3
  • Targets: Ground & Air

Level 1

  • Upgrade Cost: 20M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days
  • HP: 5000
  • DPS: 110

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 22M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 15 Days 12 Hours
  • HP: 5200
  • DPS: 120

Ricochet Cannon costs and stats

Fusing two Cannons will give you the Ricochet Cannon, which more than doubles the HP of a regular Cannon and deals more than double the amount of damage as a Level 21 Cannon. Additionally, the Ricochet Cannon’s shot will bounce from its initial target and deal damage to a second target. Two Ricochet Cannons are available at TH16.

  • Range: 9 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground

Level 1

  • Upgrade Cost: 20M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days
  • HP: 5400
  • DPS: 360

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 22M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 15 Days 12 Hours
  • HP: 5700
  • DPS: 390

What does this mean for Clash of Clans?

For starters, Merging buildings is permanent. Once merged, they can not be unmerged. Additionally, the merged ubilding can be placed anywhere in your Home Village where there is space.

Assuming you build the maximum of four Merged Buildings (2 Multi-Archer Towers and 2 Ricochet Cannons), you’ll be freeing up a total of four building slots at your Home Village. Does this mean we’ll be getting some new buildings with Town Hall 16 as well?