TFT Item Cheat Sheet: Every Item Recipe in Set 10 Remix Rumble

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TFT Item cheat sheet for Set 10: Remix Rumble is here to give players a helping hand when playing games.

Teamfight Tactics Set 10 is centered around the Remix Rumble theme incorporating music to the popular auto-chess battler. Players have been enjoying the new set and coming up with unique compositions to climb the ranked ladder. As well, players are pushing to get that new Chibi HEARTSTEEL Sett which is a must-own for fans of TFT and League of Legends. HEARTSTEEL is a new band in the League of Legends universe featuring popular champions such as K’Sante, Ezreal, Yone and Sett.

There are multiple items players can build in TFT to put on their units. Knowing which items to prioritize on your bench and during the carousel rounds is important for getting a leg up on your opponents.

This cheat sheet simply breaks down the full list of item recipes and simplifies what each item does when equipped.

TFT Item Cheat Sheet: Every Item Recipe in Set 10 Remix Rumble

B.F. Sword Recipes

  • + B.F. Sword = Deathblade: Bonus Damage
  • + Recurve Bow = Giant Slayer: More Damage vs Tanks
  • + Chain Vest = Edge of Night: Untargetable at certain HP + Attack Speed and Debuff Shed
  • + Needlessly Large Rod = Hextech Gunblade: Omnivamp for holder and lowest HP ally
  • + Negatron Cloak = Bloodthirster: Omnivamp and HP shield at 25% HP
  • + Tear of the Goddess = Spear of Shojin: Mana per Attack
  • + Giant’s Bet = Sterak’s Gage: Gain HP and AD at 60% HP
  • + Sparring Gloves = Infinity Edge: Abilities can Critically Strike
  • + Golden Spatula = True Damage Emblem: Gain Trait

Recurve Bow Recipes

  • + Recurve Bow = Red Buff: Damage buff, damage burn and wound enemies
  • + Chain vest = Titan’s Resolve: Ramping AD and AP stacking when taking or dealing damage
  • + Needlessly Large Rod = Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Ramping Attack Speed
  • + Tear of the Goddess = Stattik Shiv: Bonus Magic Damage every three attacks and Shredding
  • + Giant’s Belt = Nashor’s Tooth: Bonus attack speed after casting ability
  • + Negatron Cloak = Runaan’s Hurricane: Attack additional target
  • + Golden Spatula = 8-Bit Emblem: Gain Trait

Chain Vest Recipes

  • + Chain Vest = Bramble Vest: Reduced Damage and deal damage when hit
  • + Needlessly Large Rod = Crownguard: Max HP shield + bonus AP after expiration
  • + Negatron Cloak = Gargoyle Stoneplate: Bonus Armor and MR per attacker
  • + Tear of the Goddess = Protector’s Vow: Bonus Max HP Shield and bonus Armor and MR
  • + Giant’s Belt = Sunfire Cape: Burn enemies and reduce enemy healing
  • + Sparring Gloves = Steadfast Heart: Damage reduction
  • + Golden Spatula = Pentakill Emblem: Gain Trait

Needlessly Large Rod Recipes

  • + Needlessly Large Rod = Rabadon’s Deathcap: Bonus damage
  • + Negatron Cloak = Ionic Spark: Reduced Magic Resist and reflecting damage on Spellcast
  • + Tear of the Goddess = Archangel’s Staff: Bonus AP every five seconds
  • + Giant’s Belt = Morellonomicon: Abilities burn enemies and reduce healing
  • + Sparring Gloves = Jeweled Gauntlet: Abilities can Critically Strike
  • + Golden Spatula = K/DA Emblem: Gain Trait

Negatron Cloak Recipes

  • + Negatron Cloak = Dragon’s Claw: HP regeneration every two seconds
  • + Tear of the Goddess = Adaptive Helm: Bonus Armor and Magic Resist, or Bonus AP and Mana Depending on Unit’s Row
  • + Giant’s Belt = Evenshroud: Bonus Armor and Magic Resist and Sunder Enemies
  • + Sparring Gloves = Quicksilver: Attack Speed buff and crowd control immunity
  • + Golden Spatula = Jazz Emblem: Gain Trait

Tear of the Goddess Recipes

  • + Tear of the Goddess = Blue Buff: Abilities cost less, damage buff after takedown
  • + Giant’s Belt = Redemption: Heal allies plus damage reductions
  • + Sparring Gloves = Hand of Justice: Bonus AD/AP, heal for damage dealt and a random buff doubled
  • + Golden Spatula = Emo Emblem: Gain Trait

Giant’s Belt Recipes

  • + Giant’s Belt = Warmog’s Armor: Bonus Max Health
  • + Sparring Gloves = Guardbreaker: Bonus damage
  • + Golden Spatula = HEARTSTEEL Emblem: Gain Trait

Sparring Gloves Recipes

  • + Sparring Gloves = Thief’s Gloves: Equip two random items
  • + Golden Spatula = Punk Emblem: Gain Trait

Golden Spatula Recipes

  • + Golden Spatula = Tactician’s Crown: +1 Unit Cap