Destiny 2: The Final Shape delayed until June 2024

Bungie /

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2: The Final Shape has been delayed. Previously slated to launch in February 2024, the next major expansion is now expected to arrive on June 4, 2024.

The delay comes amid reports of layoffs at Bungie following revenue struggles and lackluster reception to the Lightfall expansion. Bungie didn’t talk much about the delay itself, but did state that the extra time will “allow for an even bigger and bolder vision.”

The announcement also comes just a day before the release of Destiny 2’s next season of content, Season of the Wish. To help fill the gap in content caused by the delay, Bungie will now be extending Season of the Wish. The bulk of the story and gameplay content will still be running from November through February 2024 as originally planned, but now Bungie is also adding new content to help fill the void for those extra couple of months.

In February, players can look forward to the launch of Moments of Triumph with unique rewards, as well as new weekly progression-based quests called Wishes. In March, Guardian Games returns with a revitalized focus on class vs class competition which hopefully brings some excitement around the event.

In April and May, we can expect more new content that helps push the narrative towards The Final Shape. This new content will be called Destiny 2: Into the Light and will “prepare players for their Guardian’s journey into the Traveler.”

Bungie didn’t share specifics but did tease this is content built for all players — those who have put in thousands of gameplay hours as well as casuals who just play with friends and family. The new content is even welcoming for newcomers who may have missed the past 10 years’ worth of content. More details for Into the Light will be shared in early 2024.

Check out the latest update from Game Director Joe Blackburn below:

Destiny 2: The Final Shape was first revealed back in May of this year. The upcoming expansion represents the epic conclusion to Destiny’s Light & Darkness Saga, a journey that began 10 years ago when the game first launched. The significance of this expansion, and the importance of its success for Bungie and the future of Destiny 2, could explain why Bungie is taking the extra time to really ensure it lives up to players’ expectations.