Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set for Eevee mass outbreak event

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Pokemon fan favorite Eevee is set to receive quite a bit of love this week ahead of Eevee Day, which is coming up on November 21st. The fan-favorite Pokemon is set to appear in mass outbreaks across Paldea as well as Kitakami between October 17th and October 20th, with each outbreak coming with its own twist.

Per Serebii, Eevee that spawn in both in Paldea and Kitakami will have the chance to have their own unique mark. The mark itself will be dependent on whether or not the outbreak is occurring in either mainland Paldea or Kitakami, and each outbreak will only cater to one mark at a time.

In Paldea, players will be able to encounter outbreaks of Eevees with the Jittery Mark, Intense Mark, Intellectual Mark, or Flustered Mark. In Kitakami on the other hand,  players will be able to find outbreaks of Eevee with the Rowdy Mark, Excited Mark, Calmness Mark, or Unsure Mark.

These outbreaks, like the previous ghost type event for Halloween, will be an extremely good time for players to get some shiny hunting done if they’ve been looking to add some Eevee-lutions to their respective collections. On it’s own, Eevee is a difficult Pokemon to shiny hunt simply based on the limited number of outbreak locations in Paldea as well as the quality and rarity of those outbreaks, even when they do occur.

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On top of these outbreaks, Pokemon fans will be able to take on Eevee in a seven-star Tera Raid Battle. The Eevee in this battle will be a normal tera-type Eevee, which should make it a rather easy opponent for player’s to face and overcome in comparison to some of the other seven star tera raids players have been faced with in the past.