TFT Remix Rumble: When does Set 10 go live?

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Teamfight Tactics’ newest set, Remix Rumble, was officially revealed this past week and is already live on the PBE (test servers). Remix Rumble is TFT’s 10th set, and feels like a “greatest hits” of all the previous sets in one.

If you’re eager to play the newest set, you can do so through the PBE. This is an environment designed for playtesting the set while it’s in beta, allowing for the discovery and reporting of bugs, while also giving Riot a chance to collect some data for champion, trait, item and augment balancing.

The PBE is a great way to test out comps early and see what works. But it’s also exclusive access to those who are accepted into it. For everyone else, you need to wait until Set 10 hits the live servers.

When does TFT Remix Rumble go live?

According to the official Teamfight Tactics social channels, Remix Rumble will coincide with Patch 13.23, which is set to go live on Tuesday, November 21. It will be released simultaneously on PC and mobile devices. In-store content with all the new cosmetics for this set will update at around 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET.

Remix Rumble will mark the beginning of Riot Games’ new release cadence for sets. Rather than releasing two unique sets per year — with each receiving a mid-set update halfway through — Riot will now release three full new sets per year.

Mid-set updates served as a refresh to a set with the core mechanics remaining in place and some of the champions and traits swapping out. This small refresh often resulted in the set feeling a bit too long and failed to recapture player interest. It didn’t bring older players of the set back and even caused some current players to get bored and move on.

By offering three new and unique sets per year, we’ll not only get more fun mechanics to play with, but hopefully a more polished gameplay experience as well.