Song of Nunu review: Frosty Frolics, furry Friendships, and icy fun


Game: Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story
Developer: Tequila Works
Publisher: Riot Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch (reviewed on), PC
Release Date: November 1, 2023

Riot Forge does it again!

Enter the intriguing world of League of Legends as Nunu, a young Yotai, and his giant and lovable Yeti buddy, Willump. Our two friends take us on an enchanting walk around the frozen land of Freljord, trying to reunite with Nunu’s mom and uncover the mysteries of the Heart of the Blue.

And if you’re that makes you think this is just another frozen (no pun intended) escapade, think again. Song of Nunu has deep narratives with a touch of magic – minus the sing-alongs. But hey, who wouldn’t want a “Do You Wanna Build a Yeti?” number?


Simultaneously controlling two characters can be as tricky as it is fun. Classic platforming, brain-teasing puzzles, and skirmishes with frosty foes – the game’s got it all. Nunu’s wit and Willump’s strength merge seamlessly, offering a refreshing gameplay style that keeps you engaged till the very end.

I let my 6-year-old twin daughters to play Song of Nunu, and as challenges arose and puzzles became a little harder, I stepped in to help as needed. They absolutely loved it.  As they played through the game and progressed in the story, their absolute favorite gameplay feature was, to nobody’s surprise, the adorable hug button. Press and hold it, and Willump embraces you in a hug so tight and loving, you actually start to feel it.

The controls were great, the only hiccup being the camera not cooperating in the beginning of the game, but this little problem went away as I progressed. Very straight forward and simple – perfect for a relaxing playthrough.

However, while mostly smooth, there’s the occasional frame rate frostbite – especially during load times.

nunu /


Song of Nunu is what you’d get if RiME had a lovechild with World of Warcraft. The Freljord landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. The snowy and icy landscapes made you feel the cold (which quickly went away with a simple press and hold on the hug button), contributing to the game’s immersion. Nunu and Willump’s design? Endearing. Song of Nunu has gorgeous backdrops and meticulous details as you move and jump around this frozen wonderland.


  • Heartfelt and compelling narrative.
  • Innovative gameplay bursting with variety.
  • A visual delight.
  • Fun, inviting, and perfect for players of any and all ages.


  • Some stealth sections might have you pulling at your hair.
  • Occasional performance glitches or frame rate issues.

The true beauty of this instant Riot Forge classic is that by the adventure’s over, you’ll watch Nunu’s transformation from a boy wrestling with grief to a true League of Legends hero. The harmony of story, gameplay, and character dynamics hits all the right notes, making Song of Nunu a wintery tune worth humming. And if you’re wondering about its rank on the Riot Forge scale – it’s pretty good and comparable to Riot Forge’s other two Installments to come out this year: Convergence: A League of Legends Story and my personal forever-favorite, The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story.

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story (Nintendo Switch) Score: 8.5/10

For both big and casual gamers, lore lovers, and those seeking a narrative-rich experience, Song of Nunu is a frosty gem worth every second. And, echoing my twins’ sentiments: “Can we have some more Yeti hugs, pretty please?”

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